Tips to boost your garden and patio appeal. Lighting, Woodworkery and more


Mar 12 2018 0 Comments

The best option is to aim for practical and effort-friendly improvements rather than drastic and pricеy renovations. When you’re out to sale, investing too much into gorgeous gardening is not a guarantee to raise the overall value of your property.

If you happen to build too much clutter and leave your garden without any free space, you might hinder your prospective buyer to envision the perfect garden in their own style and making. That’s why it would be best to look into small, yet pragmatic improvements that bring more value than hefty and ambitious projects such as extensive paving, solid masonry of sheds, ponds or other stonework decorations.

How to Check for Quality Before You Buy Outdoor Furniture


Feb 11 2018 0 Comments

Garden & patio furniture is designed and manufactured so it is durable, much more so than furniture that is made for indoors. Even if a furniture set has the label ‘outdoor furniture’, it is recommended you validate this claim and make sure that it really will withstand outdoor conditions as it claims, and you don’t get swayed into buying something that won't serve its purpose.

5 Popular Myths about cleaning Carpets and Rugs - #Explained


Nov 1 2017 0 Comments

Among the numerous carpet cleaning tips around the web, there are always some, which fall on the mythical side. You can’t quite decide whether they are true or false, or at least not for sure. That’s why we share some of the most common cleaning myths about taking care of your luxury carpet or rug:

Spark things up inside your home: Take the Outdoor Furniture indoors.


Jul 22 2017 0 Comments

For the last few of years, outdoor furniture has become a rapidly growing market. Homeowners everywhere are reclaiming their backyard patios by using these incredible pieces of real estate. Changes in the industry have made it much easier to make your backyard patio into the epicenter of gatherings with friends or family. You can even repurpose your entire backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen, day beds, fire pits, water features and more.

This Summer’s Must Have Pool Furniture


Jun 24 2017 0 Comments

 Selecting the right pool furniture is no easy task. Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties to select from, finding the right type that defines the atmosphere of your pool and creates an inviting, comfortable setting is always a challenge. The good thing about pool furniture is the versatility both in designs, comfort and style. It's easy to find a design that can match the fantastic appearance of your pool area and can be used all year around. The summer season usually brings new life into pool areas. The exciting new array of furniture styles this summer will blow your mind away. Here are some great new design ideas:

Choosing the Right Rug Style for Your Home


May 24 2017 0 Comments


From defining a zone to making a statement, a rug is the ultimate design and style tool. Rugs infuse a room with warmth, personality, and style. They are practical and they provide cushioning and comfort over a concrete, wood or tile floor. However, rugs can be tricky business. The right one can give perfection to any space while choosing the wrong one can make your room feel unfinished or awkward. Here are some tips to consider.

5 Reasons You Won't Be Able To Have Fun In The Sun In 2017 Without an Offset Patio Umbrella


May 2 2017 0 Comments

After being stuck in the house all winter, all of us are excited about summer rolling in the hot weather while we embark on outdoor adventures in the sun.

11 Hacks To Being Shaded with Patio Umbrellas


Apr 20 2017 0 Comments

We all love to decorate with patio umbrellas to make the backyard space feel comfortable while protecting your do-it-yourself hacks that make the are feel inviting.

Hang On: Did You Say Cantilever Umbrellas?


Apr 10 2017 0 Comments

The sun often makes the patio and backyard an uncomfortable place to sit or stand for hours at a time, like at a backyard birthday party. 

What Does Your Patio Furniture Say About You?


Apr 7 2017 0 Comments

Often times we set up a few lawn chairs and a fold-able table on the patio in the back, in order to enjoy the backyard, entertain guest, and fill in the patio space.

Fight Back Cool Nights with Outdoor Patio Heaters


Apr 3 2017 0 Comments

Spring is around the corner, and some may think it is time to store their patio heaters, but I would not act just yet. The nights are still cold and the mornings even colder so keeping your outdoor heaters maintained and ready isn’t too farfetched, right.

Being Sunburned Doesn’t Have to Mean Outdoor Discomfort When You Have the Right Patio Furniture


Mar 30 2017 0 Comments

The weather is warming up and department stores across the Nation are pulling out their stock of patio furniture and offset umbrellas.

5 Tips on Keeping Your Outdoor Rug Fresh and Clean


Mar 17 2017 0 Comments

Are you looking for the comfortability of inside commodities—outdoors? Outdoor rugs are a great way to breathe new life into your patio.

Patio Covers Save You Money and Headache!


Mar 13 2017 0 Comments

Tip Alert!

Which is the best Water Resistant or Waterproof?

“My patio furniture was advertised as weather resistant, so I don’t need patio covers…Do I?”


3 Tips On Mold Proofing Your Patio Cushions


Mar 9 2017 0 Comments

Not only is it bad for your health to breathe in fungal spores, but think of that havoc it wreaks on the fabric and visual appearance of your patio furniture. You get and uncomfortable feeling just thinking about it and guest would rather suffer foot trauma due to prolonged standing than to take a seat on mold infested patio cushions.

Total Shade Control with Offset Umbrellas


Mar 6 2017 0 Comments

 Explore how great your shade could be using a cantilever over a traditional pole umbrella. Chances are, after reading this, you’ll want to trash your old patio umbrella because offsets are the new patio umbrella.

Making Patio Fire Pits the Center Piece of Your Deck


Mar 2 2017 0 Comments

Patio fire pits come in a wide variety of models, styles, and even fuel mechanisms, so choosing the right one may be trickier than one may think. For starters, determining what kind of fire pit you want is essential to picking out the patio furniture to focus on your new vibrantly conversational patio fire pit.

Picking the right Frame For Patio Umbrellas


Feb 28 2017 0 Comments

The sun is out, the air is warm, and all you want to do is enjoy your backyard. Patio umbrellas are a great was to cast some shade during those hot days, so you can sit back and relax a little in between lounging and relaxing. Typically, market umbrellas or patio umbrellas are used to shade a table and create a comfortable social environment. For most of us, we want to choose a design that will go well with our patio furniture and other outdoor furniture.

Keeping Safe with Your Patio Heater


Feb 27 2017 0 Comments

Patio heaters are a great way to enjoy those chilly summer nights or winter evening drinking on something hot and chocolatey. There are a few concerns and questions that many patio heater owners or soon-to-be owners have

Do You Know How To Experience Open Space With Offset Umbrellas


Feb 21 2017 0 Comments

Space is limited, but the desperate need for shade could leave you considering unorthodox methods to protect yourself from the sun.

Knowing the REAL Benefits of Owning a Patio Umbrella


Feb 21 2017 0 Comments

Market and patio umbrellas are considered outdoor staples for anyone who is setting up an outdoor area with seating or a gathering spot in the backyard.

Know What You're Looking for in Patio Heaters or How to Know What to Look for in Patio Heaters


Feb 17 2017 0 Comments

What’s the point of having a patio if you can’t enjoy it year-round? 

Building Memories with Patio Fire Pits


Feb 17 2017 0 Comments

 Let’s face it—when it gets cold out, most tend to stick to warmer activities indoors, where we remain unaffected by the brutality of the elements.

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