Among the numerous carpet cleaning tips around the web, there are always some, which fall on the mythical side. You can’t quite decide whether they are true or false, or at least not for sure. That’s why we share some of the most common cleaning myths about taking care of your luxury carpet or rug:

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Myth #1: Steam carpet cleaning does more harm than good.

“My carpet will shrink if steam cleaned” & “steam cleaning will promote mold growing on my carpet.”

Nonsense! These are all myths and we’ve heard them one too many times.

Truth: Steam cleaning will not hurt your carpet, will not tear its fabrics and will not loosen the overall integrity of your floor covering.

When cleaning is done properly by a fully functional professional carpet cleaner unit, it will not damage your carpet in any way but rather leave fabrics unharmed and only get rid of bacteria and dirt. It is crucial to mention that cleaning units require adequate maintenance and care as well.

“The method can be safely applied to most synthetic carpets with results being effective and issue-free. Modern powerful equipment used in the process extracts up to 95% of moisture along and grime, thus leaving your carpet fresh and clean” say the carpet professionals at

Important: The carpet is never to be left to soak too long nor get too wet for mold and mildew to grow and spread. That’s why the professional unit is designed to suck out almost all the moisture and damp. It is important to once more mention that hot water extraction leaves about moisture of about 5% and that’s why you should leave the carpet in a well-ventilated environment, otherwise fungi might thrive and prosper.

Myth #2: Regular vacuuming is unnecessary.

Many people vacuum once a week thinking that this is sufficient to keep the carpeting clean. A popular myth is a common belief that your carpet will be ruined if vacuumed too often.

Myth or not?

Answer: Quite on the contrary!

Daily vacuuming extends the life of your carpets and rugs even the ones outside your home. Depending if you have the best type of vacuum at hand, you can remove all the hard particles from within the carpet fiber, which would otherwise have a detrimental effect on the texture of your soft floor covering. Daily traffic flow agitates hard soiling, which ingrains deeper into the fabric, has an abrasive effect and damages the pile. Although often neglected outside your home, vacuum cleaning is a healthy habit that will help your rug last in the long-term.

Myth #3: My carpet doesn’t need cleaning. That’s why it’s an outdoor rug?

Another widespread hearsay is that new carpets don’t need to be professionally cleaned for at least a year. It looks clean, then why clean it? But it was meant to be used outdoor, why vacuum?

Answer: Wrong!  

Imagine what happens with your carpet in the timeframe of a year. Regardless of how old is your floor covering, pollutants filter through and settle deep into the fabric over time. They cannot be effectively removed with only general carpet care aka vacuuming. Hence, you should resort to booking a professional steam cleaning or dry cleaning service at least twice a year.

Myth #4: Filtration soiling can never be removed.

What is filtration soiling?

This is the dark line that forms over time on the edge of your wall-to-wall fitted carpet near the door, along the baseboard or at the edge of the stairs. The strip becomes a shade darker due to the accumulation of very fine particles of dust and oils. People attempt to clean those themselves to no avail, often doing more damage than good. And the myth is born.

Truth is: Well...

Filtration soiling is almost impossible to remove in a DIY fashion. Just call for carpet cleaning help or rent a fully professional unit.

Myth #5: Even regular carpet cleaning won’t help if I’m allergic.

Allergy sufferers are far too quick to get rid of their carpets due to this erroneous myth. They don’t realize that carpets act as a filter, keeping the allergens count down.

Truth: Yes.

if you invest in a powerful hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, maintaining an allergen-free environment at home on a daily basis will be a breeze.

The list of carpet cleaning hacks and myths does not stop here, of course. The same goes for the plethora of urban legends you find on the Internet along with the many natural substances you can safely use to remove carpet stains, i.e. the invigorous ketchup stains and etc.

Top takeaway: Filter out carefully the tips you come across and always try the suggested substance on an inconspicuous carpet patch, first. You will come across many “proven recipes” and “cleaning hacks” only to find out that most will not only fail to remove a stain but will in fact damage your carpeting beyond repair. We repeat: always test each and any cleaning trick you find.