For the last few years, outdoor furniture has become a rapidly growing market. Homeowners everywhere are reclaiming their backyard patios by using these incredible pieces of real estate. Changes in the industry have made it much easier to make your backyard patio into the epicenter of gatherings with friends or family. You can even repurpose your entire backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen, day beds, fire pits, water features and more.

Consumer demands are evolving and have led to the creation of a new era in outdoor furniture. Forget about those bland wrought dining sets that lack elegance, artwork, and detail.

Maybe the thought of putting your outdoor furniture inside your house can seem like an odd concept at first. Usually, discussions start when people ask; Can you use outdoor furniture inside your house? Of course you can, silly!

There are many reasons that make this not only acceptable but a completely new trend that will make your house spark again. Here are 5 reasons why you should do it:

5 Reasons why you should Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors:

1. It's kids resistant!

This one usually hits parents quickly. It’s that “Aha!” moment when you suddenly realize this is the solution to all your baby-related stress. Children have a natural tendency for spilling, breaking and tearing things up; But who blames them? They’re kids! So what can you do when you want to cut down on the hours spent cleaning up messes and rubbing food stains out of your furniture? Take your outdoor furniture inside and let your children give their best shot!

Outdoor furniture is made with very durable materials that are designed to resist extreme conditions, and as of late, it has grown to be very fashionable and stylish. You won’t have to worry about kids tearing up your precious sofa. Finally, you will achieve some peace of mind! Their frames are reinforced with strengthened metals so you won’t have to worry about your kids bending or destroying your furniture by jumping on them. Forget about all those stains and spills, sunbrella fabrics resist stains and can be machine-washed, making mom’s work much easier.

2. Don’t compromise your style & design

Homeowners, landscapers, and designers have always loved outdoor living and lifestyle but didn’t know how to tastefully apply this concept indoors. With the emergent trend of fashionable outdoor furniture, you can find a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and themes to take home with you!

Ten years ago you would have never considered taking your outdoor dining set into your house but it is 2017 and the tide has turned! Use your outdoor furniture indoors without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can have it in the kitchen, lounge or even use it as bedroom furniture! There are many online retailers selling bedroom furniture such as Target, Pottery Barn or Homes Direct 365 - but taking our patio furniture to your bedroom makes it that much more unique!

3. Cut the costs

If you compare outdoor furniture prices with traditional upholstered furniture, you can actually SAVE TONS OF MONEY by choosing a sleek outdoor set! Besides that, outdoor furniture will outlast your entire house’s furniture. You won’t have to deal with broken chairs, torn couches or saggy cushions. Just with this added benefit, you should already get the wheels churning in your head.

4. Get Eco-Friendly

We should all consider being greener and environmentally conscious. There are lots of options for conventional furnishing, but materials like Polyethylene Synthetic Wicker are one of the most durable and sustainable in the market. This material is 100% recyclable and non-toxic, so you won’t harm mother nature!

You’re going to save money, be green and look completely trendy while doing it!

5. Maximize your Investment

In places of the world with four seasons, people typically store their outdoor furniture to protect it from the winter, rain, and snow. Usually in their garage, sometimes locked away in a room inside their house, and some go as far as to storing furniture in a storage facility. Let me give you a bright idea, why don’t you just repurpose your outdoor décor inside of your home? By doing so you will get the chance to use your entire furniture the entire year.

Wanna spark things up in your house? It’s time to get moving those outdoor treasures inside! Even the interior designers at Claire Davis Interiors are jumping on the bandwagon!

There are plenty of ways you can use your furniture, you don't have to take them indoors but it can definitely spark up the room! For more ways to spark up your home, check out the blog at The House Shop.