Selecting the right pool furniture is no easy task. Everybody enjoys shopping for home furniture but often forgets pool furniture. Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties to select from, finding the right type that defines the atmosphere of your pool and creates an inviting, comfortable setting is always a challenge. The good thing about pool furniture is the versatility both in designs, comfort and style. It's easy to find a design that can match the fantastic appearance of your pool area and can be used all year around. The summer season usually brings new life into pool areas. The exciting new array of furniture styles this summer will blow your mind away. Here are some great new design ideas:

Wicker Furniture

This is a fantastic style of pool furniture that you must have for thus summer. Designed with absolute simplicity, wicker pool furniture provides you with great bang for your buck. First, it is designed from wicker, and this makes highly portable. It is very light, and you can easily move it effortlessly from one place to another. Unlike most other pool furniture, ours is made from high-density wicker which is an eco-friendly material. The material is scratch resistant and infused with UV inhibitors that protect it from 

sun fading. This is what makes it last longer and still look as good as new even after years of use.

Modern Outdoor

If you're in search of a contemporary style that will bring elegance and class to your pool area, then modern poolside furniture that matches a lot of hot tub covers is a great choice. This outdoor furniture comes with remarkable designs that will transform your pool environment into something magic. The range of colours and designs is exactly what your pool needs to usher in the summer season. With many large capacity options you’ll be able to seat a number of occupants at a single time. What is more interesting about is it is how convenient it can be. Depending on the design, it can be made to be very light, and thus you can move it wherever you want with ease. It is eye-catching furniture that will give life to your pool.

12-Person Outdoor Sofa Set

One thing that stands out about this piece of furniture is the elegance in its design. It has captured the theme of the summer season exemplary well by providing the user with table for storing their drinks, sunscreen and other items as they laze and chat by the pool. The entire chair is covered with a comfortable cushioning that is scratch resistant and infused with UV inhibitors that offer protection from sun fading. The base is made from a wicker frame, and thus it will not be prone to rust if it comes into contact with water. This means that the 12-piece set will serve for longer and still maintain its original look. It is very light and comes apart into sections, and thus you can move from one place to another with ease. You can also divide it up into several seating sections if you prefer.

Earthy Hues and Ocean Blues

Nature-inspired pool furniture is a must have this summer. Designed to incorporate natural elements into outdoor furniture, this style is perfect to change your pools appearance. With the earthy hues and ocean blues, you are provided with a feeling of the life around you that is not captured in most industrial pool furniture. Mix and match your cushion colours to suit your theme. You have broad choice to select from depending on the element surrounding your pool. In most cases, they come in a combination of striking blue reminding you the crystalline oceans and greens and brown to match for the vegetation around the pool. Don't forget to keep your pool warm with a powerful water heater.

Rattan and Wicker Dining Set

Simplicity and elegance are the only terms that can define this furniture set.  The table and the chair are made from a metal frame that is classically finished in a black lacquer. The seat and back of the chair are well finished with a dark wicker. Adding colour and contrast to this elegance are the canvas seat cushions that come in brilliant white. The modern table design adds to the elegance of this set, and is perfect if you love taking drinks while relaxing in the sun. Quality is guaranteed and the fact that it is made from metal and wicker, you can expect it to serve you for a longer time.

If you want to give your pool a new, classic and elegant look, consider any of the above. If youre interested in something a bit more fun and colourful, consider one of the new range of AirChair inflatable pool furniture options. You can click here to view some the AirChair range will also change the look of your pool area, give it a bright new look and be great fun to play or laze upon. The best thing about this type of inflatable furniture is that it is easy to pack away and store after use to keep your outdoor area looking tidy and pristine, all the time.